Ladies Use Your Legs - Motivational

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Ladies you have a secret weapon and that is your legs. Put on a nice dress or a skirt and some heels and you are set. Don't forget to do the due and face, too!

Ok, so you want a new job or promotion? Then show those legs.

Want your husband or boyfriend to buy you something? Then show those legs.

Men loves for women to show their legs.

I know it sounds sexes, but it's true!


Women all over the world knows this and your mom should have told you this..

You see legs on billboards, in commercials and in movies.

If you have two women going on an interview for the same job. One with pants on and the other with a skirt, who do you think gets the job?

I'm not just saying this because the interviewer was a man, but women likes legs, too! Lets be realistic this is 2017 and women in power will use their power to help make other women powerful.

Women are not like they use to be. Women loves women with legs, too.

So, the motivational message I'm giving you is: Ladies Use Your Legs for success!

Showing your legs can get you the job you always wanted or help you get a new one or a promotion at least.  

Motivation For Women
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