Become Happy - Learn to Live Like Noahs Ark

Though the bible has been sometimes discredited by those who do not believe, it is one of the good and reliable sources for finding out how to live happily.

Here, I have outlined some of the lessons I have picked up from the story of the flood and Noah's Ark in a slightly humouristic tone.

Is This My Dream Job?

Have you changed? Your job started out being what you wanted, but today it is different. Maybe you thought of it as a jumping place to a better job in the future, but you have been here 5 plus years.

It is a fact that your dream job is waiting on you, so don't continue in a miserable job, boring or basically unsatisfying, even questionable for basic survival. Your time is NOW to get out!

Are You an Achiever or are You an EXCUSIOLOGIST?

It would be a fairly safe bet that if you are reading my blog post then you are on the lookout for something more in your life than what you already have.

Whether you are searching for a new business, a new opportunity, a part-time income or even a lotto system it all stems from one source - dissatisfaction of present circumstances.

Decisions - What You Haven't Been Told About Them

Have you ever sat there trying to make a decision yet, you just couldn't.

If only I had more information, or a proverbial crystal ball, you think to yourself.

Many times when you are avoiding making a decision, it stems more from being afraid of making the wrong decision.

Change Your Mind - Change Your Luck

When I was a young woman, even a teenager for that matter, I always had an optimism that was hard for others to overcome. Even in the midst of the all the negative influences from family and peers, this positive optimism was difficult to beat down. I was powerful, I was lucky, life was magic. I remember it like it was yesterday.

5 Tips To Supercharge Your Motivation

Motivation is the driving force behind life-enhancing change. It comes from knowing exactly what you want to do and having an insatiable, burning desire to do what’s necessary to get it. It keeps your dream on track as it is the power of motivation that keeps you going when the going gets tough.