The Secret to Self Motivation - One of the Best Speeches Ever

I enjoyed this speech. Mel Robbins has such a simple and practical philosophy. Love it.

This really works. I figured it out by myself when it came to exercising...

I have to stand up and get out of the door within minutes otherwise I wouldn't do it for the rest of the day. I do the count down, too - it's 4321 for me, 5 is too long. Developed that habit as a child and stucked to it. 

She makes me feel like it's not to late to make other changes in my life. I really can relate to what she is saying. I am going to do what I was contemplating on and that is to start my own online business.

Yeah, I have made some money online, but now, it's time for me to make the big bucks.

Here is a way you too can make money online or offline. Check it out here.

Motivation For Women

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